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Linux Magazine - Back Issue #148

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Natural Language

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Science fiction authors and hightech visionaries dream of a future where humans and computers communicate in ordinary English. A new cloud-based tool brings that future a little closer.

Cover Story:

Maluuba nAPI – You don't have to be a linguist to wield the power of natural language processing. Maluuba's innovative nAPI interprets ordinary text and passes it to your program in machine-readable form.

On the DVD: FreeBSD 9.1 & Zorin OS 6.1

Linux Magazine - Back Issue #148

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Also in this issue:

  • Table of Contents
  • Comment: Hat Hopes
  • On the DVD: FreeBSD 9.1 & Zorin OS 6.1
  • DVD Inlay
  • News
  • Tech Tools: NVidia Announces Project Shield Gaming Device; Large-Scale Elastic Architecture Data-as-a-Service; Qt Project Releases Qt 5.0; Splunk Announces SDKs; AMD Releases New APP SDK and CodeXL Tool Suite; USB 3.0 Will Increase Data Throughput; Oracle Releases NoSQL Database 2.0; AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell 1.0.0 Announced
  • Coping with UEFI: Read this if you ever plan to dualboot your Linux with a UEFIbased Windows system.
  • Animation with GIMP: GIMP plugins and scripts help you build your own animations.
  • Voice Chat with Mumble: A VoIP-based voice chat server will free your gaming cronies from the need to type text.
  • Archiso: The lean Arch Linux is the perfect tool for building a custom distro.
  • Ask Klaus: Klaus Knopper answers your Linux questions.
  • ngrep: Extending the classic grep patternmatching tool to the network.
  • Charly – ifdata: Script-friendly tool for monitoring network interface status.
  • Tclkit: Cross-platform scripting without the need for an interpreter.
  • Perl – Tagging e-Books in Evernote: Storing metadata on e-books for easy search.
  • Security Lessons – Hash Maps: Security with data structures.
  • Tripwire: Has an intruder been on your system? Tripwire keeps watch over system files to detect any unexpected changes.
  • Workspace – Revive Old Netbooks: A mini-Linux will still run on the slim resources of old hardware.
  • Steam for Linux: We test drive the new Linux version of the popular Steam gaming platform.
  • Command Line – CUPS: Configuring and managing printing at the command line.
  • Timeline Tools: Chart world history with these timeline tools.
  • Kernel News: Zack reports on a global hash table, kernel development history, a possible GPL violation, and KVM maintainership.
  • Doghouse – Memory Collection: Drafting tables, slide rules, and a 64-bit Alpha computer. maddog reflects on a high-tech life.

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